Praise for…


‘Skin is… funny and heartfelt, and speaks powerfully and empathetically towards concerns of bodily and mental well-being in a manner that proves absolutely vital. It is a hugely impressive piece of work.’ – Books Ireland


‘E.M. Reapy is a phenomenal writer who uses universal themes and issues which many people can relate to, and Skin is very thought-provoking indeed.’ – RTÉ 


‘This novel explores different cultures, body shaming and the breaking down of stereotypes in a wonderfully evocative way.’ – IMAGEReads 


‘A novel criminally overlooked this year so far.’ – Rick O’Shea picks Skin as one of his books of 2019.


‘It’s a book to be savoured slowly, all the better to appreciate Reapy’s gift for description

and character.’ – The Connaght Telegraph


‘…an enjoyable read and is filled with these unexpected bursts of sharp self-awareness and relatable lessons in growing up, finding yourself and learning to be comfortable in your own skin.’ – Nutreats in South Africa


‘Elizabeth Reapy’s Natalie is one of those characters who stays with you long after you’ve finished the book she occupies. If “occupies” is even the right word, given Natalie’s preoccupation with not taking up too much space in the world.’ – Irish America


‘E.M Reapy has written a shocking, uncomfortable and painfully realistic depiction of our relationship with ourselves, which leaves us exposed, unpleasant and yet… heard?’ –


‘A wonderful novel that reveals the cruel and unnecessary beauty obsession of today’s western society.’ -24symbols ‘Best Books of the Moment.’


‘What’s most enjoyable about this thought-provoking read is Natalie’s own character — as smart, funny and self-aware as she is, she still falls victim to the insidious societal messages we all absorb about what our bodies should look like.’ –


‘…startingly inventive and timely new novel…’ – Eason Book of the Month  (August 2019)


‘From the first page, it’s obvious the reader is in good hands.’ – Irish Independent


‘Unvarnished, wry and almost wincingly clear-eyed, the narrative covers acres of emotional terrain — from comedy, to tragedy, and the churned-up borderlands in between.’ – Daily Mail Literary Fiction




Red Dirt

“Just in case it gets lost in the newer dazzle, it’s worth mentioning again, Red Dirt by EM Reapy which won the Rooney Prize, an Irish stormer set in Australia.”
– Sebastian Barry, The Guardian.

“Red Dirt is… driven along with crackling energy and a whole lot of technique to keep the pages turning till the end. This is a thrilling debut, and I cannot wait till her next book.” – Mike McCormack, The Sunday Business Post.

“Whenever I think I’ve found my début of the year, another, even better novel comes along. And it’s happened again. Such was the originality, scope and sheer skill of this Australian-based début from Mayo-born Reapy that I was left breathless with admiration.” – Books Ireland review, Sept/Oct 2016 issue.

“This refreshing debut novel from EM Reapy is vividly written.”
The Sunday Times, South Africa.

“…creates a gripping and moving sense of the inner darkness that never leaves these characters, however far they run.” –

“The writing is extraordinarily strong… a tale full of pathos, bravado, insight, character, loss and empathy. I think it’s very good.”
– John Maytham on Cape Talk, South Africa.

“Reapy’s writing is deeply evocative. Her writing makes the Australian outback come alive.”
Cultured Vultures magazine ’18 Best Books of 2016′

“Elizabeth Reapy’s debut novel, Red Dirt, takes the modern Irish immigrant experience and turns it into a thought-provoking, vibrant novel that grips the reader from the start.” –
The Irish Times

“It’s an exhilarating experience to be disorientated by a novel, bristling with curiosity and amorphous dread. Irish author E.M. Reapy’s first novel follows three Irish migrants eking out a living in Australia in a haze of substances, poverty, homesickness and desperation.
We were wowed by the characters’ voices, which crackle with authenticity. As the three protagonists’ stories intertwine, the story takes many dark turns. Reapy’s description of the outback adds to RED DIRT’s powerful mood of unrest and foreboding.” – iBooks Australia and New Zealand ‘Books of the Month’ (June 2016)

‘… a confident and distinctive debut, and one would have to be dead to the thrill of fiction not to be hugely excited about what its author will do next.’ – Irish Independent

“E.M. Reapy speaks to this ‘lost generation’ of young Irish economic migrants and represents a new and exciting voice in ‘post boom’ Irish literature.”
Writerful Books

“Red Dirt is astoundingly accomplished.” – Irish Examiner

“A dark and assured debut.” – Sunday Business Post

“There has not been a serious literary response to the experiences of this Irish lost generation. Until now that is.” – The National, United Arab Emirates

“The most auspicious debut I have read in years. A novel, and a novelist, to restore your faith in fiction.”
– Glenn Patterson, author.

“A remarkably accomplished and vivid debut novel, charged with memorable characters, punchy dialogue and an urgency in the storytelling. I loved it.”
– Joseph O’Connor, author.

“…beauty, exhilaration and freedom – but also dodgy characters, unforgiving landscapes and, when money runs out, the consequences of bad decisions. It’s curious that this tense, edgy novel, lauded in the Irish Book Awards, was initially rejected by 14 publishers.” – The Herald Scotland.

“Red Dirt is timely in its subject matter – the migration of Ireland’s young generation – inventively narrated in three voices, and displays a sure-footed mastery of the novel form.”
– Jonathan Williams, Rooney Prize Committee statement.

“Despite the wild ride, this isn’t a comely Celtic version of On The Road; instead, the award-winning, coming-of-age narrative explores the seedy underbelly of transience, vice, guilt, and shame.”
– Celtic Life